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Çayyolu Housing



Type: Residential / Status: Concept Design / Location: Ankara, Turkey / Year: 20201

Architect: CommonLab

Çayyolu Housing consists of different types of housing; in low, medium and high-rise buildings in order to diversify the housing types and life, and an outdoor shopping centre on the ground floor. The project provides residents direct outdoor access, with balconies, floor gardens and courtyards; offering green spaces at different levels; balancing indoor and outdoor life. Horizontal blocks, which are constituted according to their relations with the environment, are located above the shopping units, in the green inner garden.

Shops, cafes and restaurants on the lower ground floor are located around the green inner garden, which will also function as an open park for the residents and the surrounding community. Cafes and restaurants have terraces overlooking the green inner garden. The main entrance square of the shopping area is located on the boulevard side, at the northern end of the site. The shopping units on the ground floor face both the street and the green inner garden. Rather than an enclosed shopping mall, an outdoor shopping area is proposed.

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